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Matt was born with respiratory complications and spent two months in the Special Care Nursery at University Hospital. Little hope was given towards his survival.

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He spent several weeks on a ventilator, then was able to come off of it and breathe with the use of oxygen (through a nasal cannula).

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Besides the lung condition, Matt was also suffering from poor neurological development. There was lots of concern due to his unresponsiveness. His overall diagnosis was unknown and his unique characteristics puzzled the doctors. God had created this special little boy that medical science could not explain. We knew God had all the answers and great things were in store for Matt. We were comforted knowing Matt was in God's hands and in His control.

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After two months in the hospital Matt was finally strong enough to come home. He came home on oxygen and had to be fed through a tube. After several months, his lungs continued to improve, and Matt no longer required oxygen to breathe during the day. He also gained enough strength to drink from a bottle. The feeding tube was removed.

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At eight months of age, Matt had a lung biopsy and was finally diagnosed with a rare and fatal lung disease. We were told to cherish each day that we had him. They were not sure he would even live to be a year old. However, God continued to touch him and heal him.

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Because of Matt's poor neurological development, we were told he may never sit, walk, or talk. At eighteen months of age he miraculously learned to sit and surprised all his specialists. Matt continued to develop in his leg muscles and learned to pull up and stand while holding onto something. Our faith continued to grow as we watched these miracles take place.

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Over the years, God continued to answer prayers and strengthen his body. At the age of four, he was able to take steps using a walker.

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Matt was given a walker by Lewis Memorial United Methodist Church. He learned to get around in it and it strengthen his legs even more.

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At four and a half years of age, Matt could stand. Here he is standing with his little brother as they show affection towards one another.

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At the age of five, Matt began to take steps on his own. He is walking for his physical therapist in this picture.

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One month after Matt turned six, he was able to compete in the Special Olympics at School. He held his daddy's hand and walked across the finish line. "Tears filled all of our eyes." We were witnessing a true "miracle".



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